Building Your Value Ladder for Continued Growth

Most Entrepreneurs start their businesses with no thought on how they will keep the clients and customers they initially attract to them.

Marketing experts will tell you that it is easier, faster and cheaper to sell to someone you have already sold to than it is to attract a brand new customer.

But how do you get your current clients to keep buying from you?

The answer is to lead them up your Value Ladder.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The most important rule in building your value ladder
  • How to get started even if you have only 1 thing to sell
  • How to create offerings instead of products
  • How to arrange your offerings so they make sense to your clients
  • How to add new offerings to expand your ladder
  • How to lead your clients from step to step

2018 Year End – Do’s and Don’ts Starting Now!

The 2018 Year End is galloping towards us at high speed; but there is still time to prepare for an orderly year end and – maybe – even save more than you thought on your taxes – if you get started now.

To learn the Do’s and Don’ts for this tax season, listen to Warren Taryle, CPA and Wendy Byford as they discuss what you can do to get ready.

Not in a position to take notes? No worries. Just click over to our blog post and catch the summary.

How To Survive an IRS Audit

You are being audited – by the IRS or the state. Just the thought is enough to raise your blood pressure.

Don’t worry – it’s Warren Taryle, CPA to the rescue. In this recorded call we will discuss:

  • The types of IRS audits
  • The most important thing to do if you learn you are being audited
  • An overview of the audit process
  • What to do if you do not agree with the decision
  • How to handle the newest type of IRS audit

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