Marketing Basics - 3 Video Series

In this 3-video series, Heather O’Brien, Founder and CEO of Lifestyle Workweek, reviews marketing basics every entrepreneur should know.

BONUS: For those of you who are just starting out and have never created an avatar – as mentioned in video 2 - this white paper will help you through the process.

As Heather mentioned in the video 3, Russell Brunson’s books Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets are excellent marketing books, particularly for online marketing. You can find links to these books FOR FREE in the Resources section of this website.

To learn more about the basics of online attraction marketing, you will also find a link to Elite Marketing Pro’s Attraction Marketing Formula.

To learn more about marketing funnels and how to apply what you learn in Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets, you’ll find a link to ClickFunnels in the Resources Section. ClickFunnels is the tool we use to create sales funnels quickly and effectively.

Video 1

Heather explains why all of us are actually marketers.

Video 2

Heather explains why avatars are so important, and what you need to know about your avatar.

Video 3

Heather explains the sales funnel and the basics of creating an offer.

Put Blogging in Your Marketing Toolbag

With all the hype about social media marketing, blogging sometimes gets lost in the conversation. However, becoming a powerful blogger is one way to establish your authority and get leads for your business. Listen to what certified content marketing specialist Bill Pescosolido has to say about blogging.

LinkedIn Jedi

Christine Hueber is known as the LinkedIn Jedi Master. She is the #1 LinkedIn All-time Top Expert and has a Top 1% LinkedIn Most Viewed Profile. In this interview we talk about how new entrepreneurs can hack their way in LinkedIn to better results.

Marketing Automation and Smart tools

Ever wonder how anyone has enough time to introduce you to their products, then walk you down the marketing funnel with different products for different needs? How about receiving multiple emails with offers for something you declined? Well … it’s all done by automation using smart tools to cut your work down to a fraction of what it would otherwise be.

Join me and Krista Bakker in this interview about marketing automation and using smart tools.

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