Module 3

In Module 3 we’ll review tips on orienting, onboarding, managing and terminating employees.

Module 3 Video 1

Orientation is the process of bringing someone into the company, familiarizing them with the people and environment, and getting all the paperwork signed. At the end of the process, the new hire should feel comfortable and eager to get started.

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Bonus: Employee Agreement template (docx, PDF)

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Module 3 Video 2

Onboarding is the on-going process of assimilating a new hire in the company and their position. In this video we discuss this very important and often overlooked area.

Module 3 Video 3

Entrepreneurs are generally very good leaders and okay managers. In this video we discuss tips for supervising employees and doing performance evaluations.

Bonus: Sample performance evaluation (docx, PDF)


Module 3 Video 4

No one wants to plan to terminate an employee; but sometimes it is necessary. In this video we review employees’ leaving, layoffs, and terminations.

Bonus: List of Federal Laws Affecting Employment (PDF)


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