Episode 008 – The Accidental Entrepreneur – Interview with Barbara Lancaster

Barbara Lancaster is the Co-Founder and Manager of Parallel Planet, LLC, where she is currently building a consultancy around the GC (Game Changer) Index.  The GC Index is a personal and team assessment tool that helps people understand not only what they like to do but also why, so her clients can build more effective teams.

This is not Barb’s first project, however.  Prior to beginning this venture, Barb founded Lancaster International Inc, a telecommunications consultancy.  Barb became very well know as a telecommunications specialist, able to pull rabbits out of hats in the chaotic world of telecommunications deregulation; and she even had the opportunity to testify at the World Court in the Hague.

In the episode, Barb explains why she left corporate America and became an accidental entrepreneur, why she went back to corporate America, and why she left yet again to chart her own course.

Words of wisdom for new entrepreneurs –

  1. find chaos, because in chaos is opportunity, and
  2. test what your clients think of you. You might be surprised at what they think you do.

As an aside, listen to why projects really fail despite the advanced training and software that has been developed over the years, and how you can help your corporate clients be more successful and save money.



Interested in finding out more about the GC Index? You can contact Barbara at barbara@parallelplanet.com.

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Article by Gary Bauer

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