Episode 007 – Rocket Station – An Interview with Rob Nickell

The 10K Run Podcast - Episode 7 - Robert Nickell

Robert Nickell is the Founder and CEO of Rocket Station, a soon-to-be eight-figure company that supplies virtual assistance to a large variety of industries.

Ever wondered what life would be like if you had someone to handle all those niggling little things that have to be done every day – like email, appointment setting, travel planning, coordinating social media campaigns and more? Well, a virtual assistant might be just what you need to explode your productivity.

In this interview, Rob explains why he started Rocket Station, what it took to get it off the ground, and how he keeps it growing with rave reviews.

He also explains the biggest aha moment he had in building the company and his 3 biggest mistakes.

Join us to hear how Robert went from a corporate employee in a job he hated to the CEO of a fast growing and culturally fun service organization.



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Article by Gary Bauer

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